Maternity Leave

I’ve spent the last 13 years building up my business, prioritising my clients, walking the talk, loving being and living as a therapist, continually updating my skill set, attracting new clients and providing the best treatments I can. I came round to the idea of motherhood quite late and suffered 2 devastating miscarriages in 2017 and 2018. Those experiences added to my enrichment, my personal development, and my range of empathy for other people’s suffering. It’s also made me sure about starting a family, embarking on a new challenge, and adapting to the demands of dependents. From 26th April 2019 I will be on Maternity Leave for a baby that is due in May and I plan to take a year off work to fully immerse myself in this new role. What an exciting time of change. I am feeling rather sad to be temporarily leaving my clients, but feel sure that I will return with even deeper insights and understanding of the human condition. Please bear with me while I am in this transition stage and check out my ‘Friends of…’ page to find other therapists in my absence.


I have taken the very difficult decision to stop accepting new clients. I have always prided myself on providing high quality treatments, undivided attention, an unrushed atmosphere, and the utmost in client care. In order to continue this level of service to my existing client base, my regulars, I will regretfully not be able to treat new clients. I do however, have many local colleagues who I can refer to and will shortly be creating a page devoted to them.

Memory foam advances

Memory foam is another piece of modern technology benefiting the therapy industry. I recently had a massage on a very hard couch in a very clinical setting and although the massage itself was good, the uncomfortable couch and indifferent environment was distracting to say the least. I have now upgraded my massage couch and Shiatsu futon with memory foam toppers for maximum comfort. There’s nothing better than feeling like you are floating on a cloud during a therapeutic treatment but it’s also beneficial for clients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiff joints and pregnancy. My treatments are always designed with you in mind.

Myofascial pain

Advances in anatomical knowledge of the body’s connective tissue is making waves through treatments offered by manual therapists. The understanding of trigger points, myofascial pain syndromes, pain referral patterns and electrical activity in the tissues has created a huge toolbox of techniques for practitioners. A good practitioner has the ability to choose appropriate techniques at the right time for their patients, as well as an understanding of when to refer on to specialists in other areas. A multifaceted approach has the best outcome by far.