Shiatsu is a fantastic whole body treatment performed fully clothed, usually on a futon on the floor but it can also be done on a massage couch. It is a physical therapy that involves stretching, opening the joints, stimulating the meridians (Energy lines in the body), working on the muscles and the acu-points. It is sometimes gentle and sometimes stronger, depending on what the client needs. It is a unique treatment that can leave the receiver feeling peaceful, freer in body and mind and taller than before.
Shiatsu originated from Japan and China over 2000 years ago. Something that has been practiced for that long must be of great benefit to still be around. In the 1970’s it arrived in Europe and merged with modern medical knowledge of human anatomy, pathology and psychology and was modified to suit the tastes of Western recipients. Today, the traditional view of the meridians combines with the modern concept of connective tissue, namely fascia and scientists are only just beginning to realise why Shiatsu and Acupuncture actually works.
It is impossible to explain Shiatsu in a few paragraphs as the training is extensive – 3 years with a dedicated Shiatsu School followed by annual continued professional development. Amy has been MRSS registered with the Shiatsu Society since 2007.
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It is possible to incorporate Medical Dry Needling into a Shiatsu treatment should Amy feel that it would be beneficial. An extra informed consent form will need to be completed.
Shiatsu sessions are available in Cheddar, Somerset.