Miscarriage Support

Having a miscarriage or losing a baby provokes a massive range of emotions, challenges your mental stability, and is physically quite a long process. Having been through this myself, several times, I understand what having a miscarriage feels like. I used therapies to help me get through the trauma and come to terms with what happened.
Whether you have only just learned that your baby has died and you’ve not yet delivered it or whether you have completed the physical loss and are stuck with the aftermath of emotions, I feel I have something to offer.
A loss like this is a very lonely place, where no one can help you and no one can make it right for you. Most women don’t talk openly about it, for a variety of reasons – a sense of failure, a looming depression, they feel that other people won’t understand.
I want to create a safe space where you are free to say as much or as little as you want to, explore the depth of your emotions and fully process the whole heartbreaking experience so you are in a better place to try again, feeling stronger and more confident.
I can incorporate a range of therapies into your session depending on your preferences. A neck and head massage to reduce the stress, a soft abdominal massage to ease the tension, a foot massage to help you relax, all in a peaceful private setting.
Sessions are at my home clinic in Cheddar. A standard 1hour treatment is £45, or if you feel you would benefit from a longer session a 90min treatment is £65.
Lots more infomation can be found on The Miscarriage Association website , or if the pregnancy had passed 20 weeks the Support After Neonatal Death website.