Therapeutic Body Massage has many benefits: relaxation, increased circulation, oxygenation, increased lymphatic drainage, boosted cellular metabolism and release of toxins, stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, precious ‘you time’ and a deep sense of well-being are to name a few. Amy’s massage style is usually firm enough to address imbalanced muscle tensions, fibrous adhesions in the muscles and tendons but relaxing enough to leave you feeling nurtured. Gentle sessions are available if you prefer.
Amy has a particular interest in body biomechanics, musculo-skeletal problems, posture, and pain patterns. She has trained in Advanced Massage Techniques, and specialises in shoulder, neck and back pain. She can tailor the treatment to suit your needs following a consultation. You might want to focus on back, shoulder and neck massage, or a back of the body massage (legs, back, shoulders and neck) or a shoulders, neck and head massage or maybe go for total top to toe relaxation with a whole body massage. Click here for the full price list.

Additions to massage:

Hot Stones

Amy likes to use hot stones, especially in the colder months, to deeply warm the muscles and dilate the blood vessels to aid tension release. The heat is very relaxing and can be pain relieving too. Cold stones can be used to reduce inflammation if necessary and sometimes a mixture of hot and cold stones together can encourage optimal tissue repair.


Amy is also trained in Bellabaci Cupping massage. Medical grade silicon cups are used to produce negative pressure when applied to the body, stretching all the layers of tissue, particularly the fascia. This is often a more comfortable way of relieving tension and can easily be added into a standard massage.

Sports taping

Kinesio-taping may also be beneficial to help support the connective tissue and off load some of the muscles around problem areas. Amy is qualified to apply kinesio-taping if deemed appropriate.


Amy trained in Medical Dry Needling in 2016. This is a Western form of Acupuncture that can help to release trigger point muscular tension by effecting chemical, electrical and mechanical changes. It provides assisted healing by increasing local blood flow and collagen re-modelling. It is often used for pain relief and is great at providing distal access to the site of injury. Dry Needling can also be used to increase tissue repair rate at a site of significant injury such as a burn or ulcer. It can be used as a stand alone treatment but is most often used in combination with soft tissue work and some rehabilitation. An additional informed consent form will need to be completed.
Anyone asking for sexual services will be banned with immediate effect, this is a HEALTH service.
Treatments are in Cheddar, Somerset. I’m sorry I don’t offer home visits.

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