Pregnancy Massage

Massage is safe during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally.
Massage in pregnancy and childbirth was regularly used in ancient cultures to help the expectant mother come to terms with the changes that occur as the pregnancy develops. Research has shown that massage can benefit mother and child, reducing pain and discomfort, promoting good physical and emotional health.
Pregnancy massage can be personally tailored to the individual following a full consultation. It is useful to start treatment early on in the pregnancy so the client and therapist can build up a good relationship, however, massage at any stage of pregnancy will have benefits. New clients are required to wait until after the 12 week scan before starting treatment. A general session will focus on lower back, hips, back, shoulders, neck and can include ankles, legs, bump and any other affected areas if necessary. Client comfort and modesty will be maintained at all times. Massage can be performed with the client seated, lying in side position, or in an elevated supine position.
If you are unsure if massage is safe for you please consult your midwife. Massage is not suitable if you have pre eclampsia or severe undiagnosed bleeding. There is no proven link between massage and miscarriage however, if you have had several miscarriages in close succession you are advised to wait until after the 12 week scan before you have any form of complementary therapy treatment.
Amy is also trained to give Shiatsu during pregnancy.
You may like to involve your birthing partner, so they can give massage leading up to and during the birth. Amy offers pregnancy massage tuition for couples who want to engage in this way. Amy carried her rainbow baby to 40wk+13d and had a natural midwife led birth with no intervention. She highly recommends Daisy Birthing , Pregnancy Yoga and NCT classes to support the pregnancy, birth and 4th trimester, especially for new parents.
Pregnancy Massage, Shiatsu and massage tuition are available in Cheddar.