Other Therapies

For a bit of pampering, a gift voucher or something more specific you can choose from…
Indian Head Massage – A luxurious de-stressing 1hr massage that includes the upper back, shoulders, scalp and face. Nourishing almond oil is used on the body and a beautifully scented rose oil is used on the face. This treatment eases out muscular tension, stimulates acupressure points and improves blood flow to the scalp. It’s been popular in Ayurveda in India for 3 thousand years.
Thai Foot Massage – Lie back and experience deep relaxation. Everyone who has had this treatment is surprised to find that massaging the feet really does allow one to drift off and forget about their worries. This 1hr massage of the feet and lower legs using hands and a thai massage stick is heavenly, improves circulation, encourages more space between the bones in the feet and reduces stiffness in the ankles. If your hands are in need of some TLC why not include them too?
Natural Facelift Massage – Reduce some tension with a mini massage of the neck and scalp and then drift away as deeply nourishing creams and oils are applied to your face. Designed to smooth, stretch and tone, various soothing and stimulating massage techniques will be used to ease out facial tension, leaving you feeling lifted and invigorated.
Hopi Ear Candling – Medical grade ear candles produced by Biosun are used for the relief of mild ear and sinus problems. “A light suction action and the movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the ear candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and a balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. It is soothing and helpful for headache, earache and sinus problems” – Biosun. Followed by a facial massage to aid sinus drainage this is a soothing treatment.
Light Touch HealingHealing at it’s simplest: feel better, relaxed and more balanced without needing to get undressed and without the deep tissue work of my other Therapies. A soundtrack of Tibetan bowls and Crystal bowls will guide you into a deeply relaxed Theta brainwave state that will optimise your body’s own internal healing mechanisms, while I use carefully selected light touch healing techniques including Chakra balancing, neurovascular support, meridian therapies. This hybrid treatment draws on practices learnt in Spiritual Healing, Shiatsu, Kinesiology and vibrational energy medicine. This type of session can also be used for talking therapy if you prefer.
Cytoplan Nutritional support – Food State and Wholefood nutritional supplements, bio-active and science backed optimal nutrition can supply your body with the building blocks it needs to help you feel great. Just ask during your treatment or for more info click here.
If you can’t chose what to have, book a 90min or 120min luxury combination treatment.
Anyone asking for sexual services will be banned with immediate effect, this is a HEALTH service.
Sessions are available in Cheddar, Somerset, I’m sorry I don’t offer home visits.