About Me

Apologies, I am currently on maternity leave, with a planned return date of March 2024.

I am a fully qualified Complementary Therapist. I graduated from the University of Derby in 2006 with a B.A. (Hons) degree in Complementary Therapies (in my maiden name of Chandler). I specialise in Shiatsu and I am an MRSS member of the Shiatsu Society. Shiatsu is a wholesome powerful healing modality but I recognised soon after graduation that it wasn’t for everyone. I furthered my training and expanded my repertoire to include various massage treatments and manual therapy techniques. I can offer specific treatments or I can personalise sessions according to your needs. I am particularly interested in pain relief, pain management, personal development and happiness. I am constantly updating my knowledge and attending advanced workshops to broaden my skills.
Being a therapist is not just a job, it’s a way of life and my profession is something I am very passionate about. Therapists should be able to deliver treatments of a high standard that will really help people to improve their quality of life. I have regular treatments myself, have a keen interest in nutrition, hydration, posture and general fitness and use a variety of therapies to keep me in top health. I have a husband and daughter, and in my spare time I enjoy time outdoors, especially looking at wildlife and the natural world, I’m keen on gardening, growing fruit and veg, pilates classes, and I volunteer for a few local wildlife charities. I try to achieve a good balance in life.


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