Covid Secure Procedures

Although restrictions have been lifted, many of my Covid secure working practices remain in place – no one wants the risk or the inconvenience of catching Covid!

Physical therapies class as a ‘close contact’ service and therefore a number working practices are in place to ensure that we are all as safe as possible. If you, or anyone in your household, have any Covid-19 symptoms – sore throat, high temperature, new cough or cold, please use a lateral flow test to determine your status. If you, or anyone in your household, have been abroad you must wait 5 days before attending a session. If you have been in close contact with a Covid case please use a lateral flow test before your treatment.

I will continue to wear a face mask and encourage you to do so to, although it is no longer a legal requirement.

Risk mitigation is largely achieved by reducing cross contamination on surfaces. There will be no waiting room available so please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible and wait in your car until I call you. If you arrive early in a vehicle you may need to wait in Cliff St car park until there is room on my driveway. I will welcome you in when I’m ready for you, you will not need to touch the door handles.

The entry, WC and treatment room will be disinfected before your arrival. Please either wash your hands or use hand sanitiser upon arrival and please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily. You are kindly requested to bring your own water bottle, and to pay online if possible to reduce potential sources of cross contamination. There is a clinic toilet available with individual use hand towels.

The treatment couch, bolsters and pillows will be ‘double dressed’ – a waterproof wipeable cover underneath and a soft individual use washable dressing over the top. There will be a full couch dressing, futon cover change and pillow case changes between each client.

You will be provided with a disinfected plastic box to put your clothes (if necessary) and other personal belongings in.

Treatment times will be punctual as no 2 clients can be on the premises at the same time. I’m sorry I will not be able to offer extra time if you are late for your appointment.

If you test positive for covid after your treatment please let me know. Your data is confidential with the exception of sharing your name and contact number with the NHS Test and Trace team should it be necessary.

These enhanced safety measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19 but cannot eliminate the risk completely. We must all stay vigilant to avoid spreading the virus.